To enroll in Apple Developer Program, first, you need to create Apple ID.

If you already have an Apple ID, you can skip this step and move on to Enroll in Developer Program.

Create Apple ID

Login to Apple ID

Click on “Create your Apple ID“ button from Top right buttons. Enter your details

Verify your Email ID

Submit the details. This will create your Apple ID.

Enroll in Apple Developer Program

Now, you can start the process to enroll in the program. For that, visit Apple Developer website.

Click on "Account" and sign in using your Apple ID and password

Click on "Join the Apple Developer Program"

Now, click on the blue "Enroll" button in the top right corner

Click on "Start Your Enrollment"

Enter your personal information


Select "Company/Organization" from the dropdown list

Scroll down and click on "Check now" button in 'A DUNS number' section. (We will need DUNS number to register in Apple Developer program as an organization so first we will look up for DUNS number of organization)

Look up for DUNS

Enter your organization's details and submit the form

DUNS already exists

If you already have the DUNS number for your organization, Apple will show it in the list with name and address.

Select your organization and click on the "Continue" button. Apple will send your DUNS number on your registered email (Apple ID through which you are logged in)

DUNS does not exist

If you do not have DUNS for your organization, then Apple will send a request to D&B for you. D&B will take 7 business days to provide you a DUNS number.

Complete Payment

Once you receive the DUNS number, you can proceed to complete the payment.

Select "Company / Organization" from dropdown list,

Click on "Continue" button

Enter your organization name and DUNS number exactly the same as you received in your email and click on the "Continue" button

Enter your website, phone number and your work email in following form and submit it.

Confirm the details you have entered

Click on the "Submit" button

Now, your enrollment is in process. Apple will review your organization information and they might contact you for the official documents. Submit them for review.

Once your enrollment will be completed, you will see continue button on your Apple developer dashboard. Click on the "Continue" link

Accept the terms and click on "Continue" button

Click on the "Purchase" button to complete the payment of $99.

(You can complete the payment using any Credit card.

Please note that Apple will not accept Debit cards

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