1. Click on the following URL to download the app

  2. Launch the Apple Developer app and tap the Account tab

3. Sign in with your Apple ID. This can be different than the Apple ID signed in to your device, but must have two-factor authentication turned on. And, click Enroll Now

4. Continue

5. Keep “Enrolling as an individual“ and click on the continue button

6. Fill up your personal information such as First name, Last and mobile number. When registering as an individual, make sure to enter a legal first name and last name as it will be seen as a seller on the App store under the app name (Check screenshot 2) and click on Next.

7. Enter your address, city and postal code and continue

8. Select entity type “Individual

9. Review the terms and agreement and click Agree

10. Click on Agree when prompted.

11. You will get an Enrollment ID and other previously entered details with subscription cost. Click on the “Subscription fee….“ button.

12. Click on “Subscribe“ when prompted and complete the payment.

For more information, check the following article:

Enrolling and Managing your Account in the Apple Developer App - Support - Apple Developer

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