Accept payments from your users through Stripe

First head over to Settings → Payments on your Teachmore dashboard

Now select Setup next to Stripe

You will get the Publishable Key & Secret key from your Stripe dashboard

Adding test mode credentials

When view test data option is on, you will see the test API keys (used for dummy transactions)

To enable test mode, add test API keys under Test mode credentials

Also make sure that test mode is enabled

Adding live credentials

When view test data option is off, you will see the API keys used for live transactions

Add these under Live credentials on your Teachmore dashboard

Adding Webhooks

Go to Webhooks on your Stripe dashboard and click Add endpoint

Enter the details, select the following events

After adding webhook endpoint you will see the following page with a Signing secret. Add this signing secret to the Teachmore dashboard.

Add the Webhook signing secret for Live credentials or test mode credentials, depending on what you are using

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