There are times when there might be a delay in getting payment confirmation from the bank for an order

Don't worry, webhook comes to your rescue here!

It is a way for Razorpay to inform Teachmore's server that the payment was successful

Once you set up the Webhook Secret on your Teachmore dashboard, you will know the status of every order as it takes place, in real time

Let's see how to set it up

Login to your Razorpay account

Go to Settings → Webhooks and click + Add New Webhook

Fill in the Webhook Setup details:

Webhook URL

This is found under Settings → Payments → Razorpay → Production Credentials → Webhook URL on your Teachmore dashboard


The webhook secret can be any password that you set. It's best to use a strong randomly generated password.

You can generate one here:

Once you type the secret to the Webhook setup details, also paste it to the Teachmore dashboard ASAP and save your settings

Alert Email
Enter the email where you'd like to receive updates related to the webhook

Active Events

Under Active Events, tick payment.failed & order.paid

Once the above details are filled, click Create Webhook

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